prose stubs

To the ugly and the lonely

Let us not kid ourselves. The only reason we are here is because we are afraid of loneliness. We are two strangers clinging on to bodies, in an attempt not to float away from this earth. Do you feel it? How hard I am holding on to you— my fingernails dig into your skin? You cling as tightly as well. You don’t pull closer, you don’t pull away—too scared to be close, too scared to be apart. That’s okay: we look like we are lovers and that’s enough.

And so, I must learn to call you beautiful: your deficient jaw, stubby eyebrows. I will trace my fingers over every corner of your face and find a way of looking at you. I will kiss your nose. I will run my hands through your hair. I will tell you that I’d stay.

Maybe. It will never be the right face, the right words or the right moment. But today, you are enough for me.


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