The purpose of this blog

Hi guys:)

I decided to start this blog mainly for writing. The strange thing about writing is that it is public (it is a way of connecting to the world) but it is also insanely private (honesty to any human experience you have). The main purpose of this blog is to express that private human experience and also to have my writing critiqued, if possible, because I want to improve and I think this structure/ space helps to collate everything. So please, do be honest in whatever you think– if any parts are cringey, melodramatic, unbuyable, cliche etc. Probably comments I want are on language, content, or any response that you have. Thank you so much for taking the time:) ! I’ll readily critique any piece of writing you have if I am able to offer an opinion in that capacity.

Since this is about writing, I should probably talk about what writing means to me/how that has changed over time. Since I was quite young, I felt a very strong sense of voice/my place in this world. I don’t know how it is like for other people. But this initially caused me a deep sense of loneliness because it made me even more aware of the space between people/ the difference between head space and my reality. I tried to express this through my writing. My teenage angst/insecurity made me question whether I was a good enough writer in the first place to attempt writing at all and so I didn’t for quite a while. Now, I feel like I am comfortable with who I am — my private human experience, my private emotions, my personhood–for it not to be Defined by the quality of my writing, or what I DO. So I do, I think, I write BECAUSE it is my human impulse and my way of expression, not because it defines me. (Whoever knows what defines us–we are who we are) So here, in my writing/art, I will try NOT to emotionally masturbate in dark emotions or churn out angst. I want to write things that are genuinely truthful–about the world/people around me, about myself. And I think the act of writing Helps to expand my human experience/understanding as well. Here, I will try to post short stories every month and a poem every week. Obviously, this may fluctuate but I will try my best to push myself to write more and stop crumbling into my overthinking/slothery/distracting and stupid thoughts; I want to make writing a priority in my life because it matters to me at this point of time. Thank you so much for reading this or any of my writing, I am immensely grateful for your time, your thoughts and your honesty:)